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Bedford CF Parts

PREORDER - Front Door Window Weatherstrip Rubber Seals (Pair) for Bedford CF

PREORDER - Front Door Window Weatherstrip Rubber Seals (Pair) for Bedford CF

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NOTE: This is a pre-order product. The pre-order will close on the 1st of November 2023, after which we will have the ordered quantity manufactured. Expected delivery will be 30th of November 2023. We have run our pre-orders with great success in the past, however if for any reason manufacture of the order does not complete, a full no-questions asked refund will be issued to your account.


A pair of brand new replacement weatherstrip seals made especially for Bedford CF's. These are a replica of the original seal that sit between the door and the winding window glass on the exterior of cab doors.

Replace cracked and perished seals with brand new ones to prevent water ingress into your cab doors and help to stop them rotting from the bottom.

Cut and shaped to the correct length, this is a custom part and is not available from other standard rubber seal stockists.


Fits all CF models including Bedford CF1, CF1 Facelift and CF2.
Excludes special vehicles with non-standard front cab windows e.g Some Ice Cream Vans

Listing is for a pair of seals.


CF1 1970-1977, CF1 Facelift 1978-1984, and CF2 1984-1988


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