Bedford CF Parts is the UK's only dedicated online shop for service parts and spares for the Bedford CF.

A small, family run business based in Sheffield UK, we strive to make finding the important service parts for your van, easy and straight forward.

Bedford CF Parts was born from the frustration found when sourcing parts for the two Bedford CF vans we have in the family, with many motor factors now switching to a number plate based system for searching parts.

This new system works well for modern vehicles, but due to the colourful range of engines and specifications that have adorned CF's over the years, it often returns fruitless for the CF van.

We want to change that.

Our Mission...

To make keeping your old van on the road as easy as possible.

Our catalogue is small at the moment, but ever growing. We have spent 100's of hours categorising and creating high resolution photographs for every part we stock, so you can easily find the right ones for you.

We greatly value feedback from you, our customers, so please do get in touch using our Contact page if there's anything you'd like to suggest for the future of Bedford CF Parts!

Join the Club.

For any new (or old!) owner of a Bedford CF, we highly recommend joining the dedicated Bedford CF Org Club. We are not affiliated with the club, but believe it is a truly valuable resource that should be supported. We have enjoyed priceless knowledge from the clubs members, and the Bedford CF Parts website would in no way be possible without them. Visit bedfordcf.org for more info.